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MSMD Perceptions

Business Details

MSMD Perceptions - Anthony Castaldi
(516) 581 7481

Anthony Castaldi is the Owner of MSMD Perceptions Video & Photo. He has 15 years of professional media experience including from Video Production, Video Editing, Photography, Photo Retouching, Social Media Marketing, Cartoon Animation, Logo Animation, and VFX!

Anthony is passionate about helping you and your clients by properly delivering your message. He does this by helping you define your business, figure out who your target audience is, and helps you formulate a plan for creating engaging content.

“People judge your business based on the quality of the photos and videos that you post on social media or your website. What would dark, blurry, or low quality media say about you? Now compare that to having sharp, clear, professional looking media. How do you want to be Perceived?”

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