You can sponsor one of our weekly business networking luncheons. Cost is only one hundred dollars for an opportunity to be our featured speaker for up to ten minutes.

Sponsor an upcoming We Are Vero business networking luncheon

Top Five Reasons To Become An Event Sponsor:


1 – Brand Visibility

Sponsoring an event brings your business in the limelight and is a great way to effectively demonstrate your expertise in your field while enhancing your brand awareness.


2 – Increases Credibility and Social Responsibility

By sponsoring an event, public perception of your brand increases. Also, when other members of the business community see that your business actively supports a local cause or mission, it will strengthen your image, enabling you to connect with your clients on an emotional front. 


3 – Meet Your Target Audience

Networking events are a great way to meet your target audience.  You can see and observe their opinions about your product or service, and strategize accordingly. 


4 – Build Friendships and Business Relationships

As a sponsor, events are great places to find non-competing businesses that you can collaborate with in the future.  Friendships are often made at networking events. Over time, these friendships evolve into mutually rewarding business relationships. 


5 – Affordability

Sponsorships are considered a big bang for your buck when compared to print, radio and television advertising. 

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